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    Title / Description Length Price Buy Preview Password / Video
    Pussy And Ass To Clean, First With His Nose And Then Slipping His Tongue Inside
    Lady Sheila is in the bathroom ready to fulfill her physiological needs, but before that she decides to have fun with the slave's nose ... after careful preparation! Inserted inside the hinge of the boots to feel as intensely as possible the smell of the feet, the nose will then suffer the toes of Mistress having fun trying to suffocate him, as the mouth is already pretty tapped ... Then she starts doing her physiological needs, then enters in scene her wet pussy,well rubbed on the slave's nose so to be dried in this way! Then it's the turn of lady Sheila's butt, the nose is put inside to see if it comes out looking dirty ... only in this case will be allowed to the tongue a more accurate cleaning! In the end, the Mistress decides to masturbate while the slave is forced to lick her feet, moving his tongue between her toes ... to the slave will only be granted to taste the fruit of Lady Sheila's pleasure, after orgasm!
    34,56€ 17.90

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    Underwear Washed with Champagne And Spin-dried In The Slave's Mouth
    Saradomina is angry with the slave, guilty of having forgotten to wash her underwear! Despite his poor excuses, the Mistress decides to teach him a lesson: first of all make him wide open his mouth under her pussy.... she then decides to fill a bowl with her Divine Champagne in which he has to wash her clothes, underwear and socks, for then to squeeze them into the slave's mouth before using his mouth as a spin-dryer! To avoid wasting the Champagne, the Mistress uses it in two ways: to humiliate the slave with her feet and to threaten him to marturbate and cum on her command!
    27,30€ 14.95

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    Lady Evil’s Particular Rodeo Drive
    For the occasion Lady Evil convokes an experienced well trained pony boy so that the competition results exciting till the last! Despite the huge size of the candidate, the young rider shows all of her skills while riding and controlling the strength of the animal! The triumph seems inevitable... and while the pony boy collapses for exhaustion, the young Mistress uses as a sign of victory first his body and then his tongue for her pleasure...
    33,47€ 17.80

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    Sexual appetites of Catherine Tramel
    The maid is found resting by the Lady, while reading her usual erotic magazines instead of performing homeworks! The reaction is particularly intense, partly cause Catherine is very nervous as she was not able to satisfy her sexual appetites during the night. After forcing her to clean the kitchen in really punitive manners, with a dildo stuck in the ass and under her long whip range, Catherine decides to stimulate the sexy trans waitress in order to abuse her at her will! But the lack of erection makes Catherine furious, so she initially enjoys to sexually humiliate her, using tongue and dildos too! But in the end the Mistress claims to be satisfied by a real hard cock.... madly enjoying being fucked in the ass!
    51,29€ 23.95

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    Physiological Needs And Masturbation While The Slave Licks Her Ass
    Lady Sheila, more capricious than ever, decides to fulfill her physiological needs while the slave licks her asshole, the way she likes it! Enjoying a lot this particular circumstance, the Mistress shows all of her excitement... starting to masturbate with more and more pleasure and requesting to the slave to stretch the tongue deeper and deeper between her soft buttocks! Finally the Mistress’s overflowing orgasm arrives and the slave is allowed, as a reward, to lick her wet fingers, particularly tasty!
    16,10€ 9.85

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    Introducing The Catherine Tramel's Sissy Maid
    Catherine Tramel awaits with trepidation the arrival of her aspiring sissy maid, to put to her to test right away ... It arrives a beautiful beanpole, great care for detail, makeup and dresses like a real bitch, long slender legs, a statuesque body with a nice surprise between her legs! But the highlight is the ass, so beautiful and hard to spank, whip, but above all to violate... After being forced to hold a large plug-in in the ass while she suffers any kind of harassment and humiliation by the wicked Catherine, the sissy-maid offers the best of her repertoire by jumping from a chair to another, on which there are positioned several different sizes dildos, so staging a funny dance that ends with a triumphant orgasm!
    57,52€ 24.90

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    Forced Feminization Of A Novice Slave
    Sara Domina is having fun whipping two slaves bound together! In order to make it even more challenging, the Mistress invents an endurance test, the first who will give up will be transformed into a street whore ready to fight for her! Despite his strenuous efforts, the youngest slave is forced to endure a forced feminization, also including teaching how to lure and satisfy the clients! To this purpose, Sara Domina uses the other as a slave helper, but given the disappointing equipment, she prefers to rely on the strap-on services to better instruct him oral then anal! Before being sent on the road, the new bitch will be forced to masturbate, come on command and lick all ...
    40,38€ 19.95

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    Boots To Clean And Beautiful Amazon's Feet To Worship
    After having climbed into the pony boy's saddle to make him more docile and gentle, Lady Evil decides to have her boots polished by his tongue while still in the saddle ... At some point she needs to dismount to get cleaned also her soles. Since the task was done well and with full commitment, the young amazon decides to reward him by allowing him to worship her lovely feet, warm and fragrant after a full day spent with boots!
    42,50€ 19.95

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    Bloody Invasive Treatments To The Balls And Nipples
    After having tied the slave to her gynecological chair, the Mistress puts the catheter to the patient, collecting the liquid in a glass not to waste it, to use it after in the best way... The preparation ends with a careful tying of his testicles with a rope until they become two purple balls! At this point they are literally pierced from one end to another by several needles, to begin the treatment... Careless for his cries of pain the Mistress continues with her treatment, filling a large syringe with a "mysterious" liquid to be injected completely into the nipples in order to see them change shape...
    40,41€ 19.85

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    40 Minutes Of Special Stimulation And Strange Tortures To The Penis
    Saradomina immobilizes the slave in order to have his penis completely available to punish in different ways, alternating particular stimulation to perverse tortures and having fun seeing the slave's different reactions, forced to endure! Treating him simply as an object, with only his private parts alive, the Mistress decides to practice new trials... the results are surprising, not to say exciting!
    40,41€ 18.80

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    Abuses And Harassment Of Mistress Roberta In The Bathroom
    The slave is recalled in the bathroom by the beautiful Mistress to satisfy all of her needs... After having comfortably sit on his face, Roberta is having fun having him sniff her intimate parts, hitting him repeteadly with her great ass... After having watered him directly from the font, the Mistress decides to sodomize him, with decised hits... Suspance end: slave masturbation marked by the Mistress's countdown...
    43,05€ 20.95

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    Different Ways To Taste The Champagne
    Sara Domina decides to try to the slave the "Divine Champagne" in many odd ways, but before delighting the slave's palate must be the foretaste: first wisely stimulating the taste buds and then slowly approaching to the "Sacred Source"... Playing on the edge of suspense, the Mistress begins a surprising and abundant blessings in the face... then enjoy sipping champagne drop by drop into his mouth... always showing an infallible aim! Eventually even the cock will become target of the Mistress's perverse fantasies...
    25,17€ 13.90

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    Slave Punished In Different Ways
    This time Lady Evil is imposing a hard lesson to the impenitent slave in many different ways... using her steel high heels to pierce his nipples, the cigarette to extinguish on his hand, her hands to slap and him repeatedly, her feet to stretch his tongue and finally her gloves to milk him like a beast!
    35,02€ 17.65

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    Pony-boy’s Tough Training With Final Reward
    Dressed like a true horsewoman, Mistress Roberta starts a long tough training of her new slave, transformed for this occasion in a true pony-boy, with saddle, stirrups and bit. During the training the Mistress decides to also ride him, first going to step, then going to trot, to test his resistance... Seen her new pony’s satisfying behavior, Roberta gives him a very ambit reward, filling his mouth with her...
    32,03€ 16.95

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    Tough Trampling By High Heels
    Saradomina wants to try her new human mat, testing from the very beginning his ductility and resistance to her shoes’ high heels! Beside trampling him again and again, pushing her heels inside his flesh as deep as possible, the Mistress definitely enjoys jumping on his body, leaving some nice marks! Eventually she decides to put on some more pointed boots, carefully checking his reaction especially in his intimate parts...
    28,09€ 15.85

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    Feet And Shoes To Smell Only
    Lady Evil, lying comfortably in bed, is having fun teasing the fetishist slave, well displaying her extremeties and allowing him only to inebriate himself with her odors, despite his repeated attempts to stretch the language to her feet! The slave's nose finishes first in her shoe and then in the grip of sheer stocking feet first and then naked, while she's having fun playing on his face! Eventually the fetishist greatly excited sufferes a real milking with Lady Evil's gloves, and the abondant liquid will certainly not be wasted...
    38,24€ 17.95

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    From The Lighted Match To The Toenails In Urethra
    More ruthless than ever, the Mistress has in mind a special treatment for the slave's penis! After enjoying repeatedly hitting the penis and testicles with her whip, Saradomina starts scratching his private parts with her long sharp nails, also practicing a bizarre masturbation... But the slave's excitement is put to an end, as soon as the Mistress decides to penetrate his urethra in 4 different ways, very imaginative and perverse... including sticking a match and turn it to slowly burn with the flame ever closer to the penis! The end is more then sensational: Saradomina inserts one by one her toes into the urethra, until seeing the toenails disappearing, with the slave more and more terrified!
    31,28€ 16.90

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    Three Penises Measured And Stretched In A Strange Way
    Mistress Eugenia decides to have fun humiliating the presumed manhood oh the three unfortunate guys! After having measured the penis of each one, she tries in different ways and with different tricks to inflate them as much as possible... In the end, the Mistress, very disappointed with the results, invents a very painful but fruitful way to see a change of size... ironing them!
    17,18€ 10.80

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    Slave's Mouth Clogged With Dirty Wet Underwear
    After having shown all of her exhibitionist streak, Saradomina decides to use the slave's mouth to refine his ballistic capacities, more unique than rare, making bounce drops of champagne on the tip of his tongue, without missing a shot! As the Mistress likes making tests more and more difficult, this time she has as target the slave's penis's urethra. Grand Finale with the slave's mouth clogged with dirty wet underwear, meant for a particularly humiliating choking!
    22,18€ 12.90

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    Jumps With Boots And High Heels Shoes
    Lady Evil wants to try his new pad human, so she's trampling him with her pierced steel heels! To see the high heels sinking deeper and deeper into his skin, the young Mistress enjoys jumping dangerously higher and higher, threatening the safety of the slave! Finally decides to get on his face with both feet while she has her sandals on, crushing, humiliating and enjoying seeing him more and more suffering, in trouble...
    36,02€ 16.95

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    Tongue Wet By Warm Liquids And Crushed Under Boots, Heels And Feet
    The slave's tongue needs an exemplary punishment... On this regard, Saradomina decides to crush it under the soles of her shoes and pierce it with her heels, right after having bathed it in warm liquids to make the torture even more humiliating! Finally arrives the time for the Mistress's beautiful sweaty smelly feet to have fun... repeatedly crushing the nose and the tongue before the grand finale: Saradomina realizes that his tongue is particularly dried, and tries at her own way to give proper relief...
    15,52€ 9.90

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    Stunts Of Lady Evil's Feet
    The beautiful young Mistress decides to play with her Divine feet while wearing a pair of fetish-sandals with vertiginous high heels, torturing her fetishist-slave, who has a growing desire to stretch his tongue over her delicious feet! But the so desired prize is to be won through a lot of sweat, and not without several traps... and showing with all of his passion the particular desire to worship them... even through the final climax, with her legs always in action!
    45,37€ 21.60

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    Slave In The Grip Of Two Beautiful Round Asses
    Mistress Eugenia is in the bathroom doing her physiological needs, when her friend arrives with a slave on a leash, just in time to use his soft tongue instead of the toilet paper! After a thorough cleaning, including the asshole, the two Mistresses start having fun with their ass, repeatedly hitting his face and making him sink and disappear between their thighs! Eventually they decide to take advantage of the half passed out slave, realizing their most perverse and quite degrading fantasies... always with their asses in action!
    18,02€ 11.95

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    Tongue And Nose Stuck To The Mistress's Asshole
    Saradomina convokes a new ass-licker, but before trying his tongue she enjoys herself in torturing and stimulating his desire in different ways! His face is rubbed against her underwear, before taking them off bathed them with her divine champagne ... The slave's tongue will be responsible for drying them! While the Mistress's ass is waving before his staring eyes, he is ordered to stuck his nose against her asshole, without strechting the tongue, to smell and breathe her humours! Saradomina has fun in inventing special positions in order to see his nose disappearing more and more between her thighs ... Only at the end of his tongue will finally be free to act, following however the unscrupolous directives of the Mistress's, particularly demanding in the adoration of her asshole!
    22,35€ 13.70

    Enter your access ticket
    Acrobatic Trampling Of Mistress Evil
    The resistant slave is immediately put to a test by the young and beautiful Mistress, who’s jumping on his muscular body with her heels of steel. After a walk over his body, crushing his tongue under her soles, Lady Evil begins a series of exercises and acrobatics, bare feet, injuring his body repeatedly, with no rest! The feet fierce mostly on his face, before concluding the work with his penis ... initially crushed and finally squeezed ... till the last drop!
    40,08€ 19.90

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    Stripman To The 2 Mistresses Little Party
    Mistress Roberta wants to make a pleasant surprise to her Mistress friend inviting her to a little costume party. She decides to rent a stripman to liven up the evening. Not at all satisfied with his physical appearance, they begin to provoke him during his performance, stimulating him with the help of a whip ... and having fun to ridicule his manhood, as soon as he drops his slip! Their unsatisfaction is manifested in several ways, humiliating him, finishing by getting their boots well licked, especially the dirty soles, then passing their beautiful sweaty feet on his face, before playing with his tied up penis and masturbated in such a weird manner!
    38,25€ 19.95

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    Urine-therapy With The Slave Suspended Upside Down
    SaraDomina suspends the slave upside down to get her shoes and feet licked in this strange position, enjoying in the end to slap his face with her extremeties... and offend the penis in different ways, even with particularly invasive systems! Then begins the first urine-therapy on the body of the slave, then on the face and finally on the tongue, dropwise so that the treatment may be particularly effective! This therapy prolonged and somewhat challenging, requires several breaks in which the Mistress decides to rest, sitting comfortably on the slave's face, before the grand finale... through splashes and drops of semen that bounce on his tongue, more and more greedy!
    21,18€ 13.80

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    Sadistic Amusement, Trampling And Jumping On The Slave’s Body And Face
    The beautiful young Mistress uses her personal doormat while being in the bathroom ... initially he’s being trampled with the heels of her boots, leaving signs everywhere. While she tramples him very carefully, she makes sure of having her soles and heels cleaned by his tongue! Off the boots, with her beautiful smelling feet begins to crush him, going on his face with both feet, climbing and jumping repeatedly on his body higher and higher! Lady Evil eventually tries to turn him into a lifeless doormat .... suffocating him and covering his mouth with her feet and hands!
    38,17€ 19.60

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    Muscular Slave Humiliated And Teased By The Two Mistresses
    The two dear Mistresses friends finally meet after long time, being served by a slave butler, with a particular powerful muscular physique. The two girlfriends, after using it as a footstool for their own convenience, start making fun of the slave, humiliating and torturing him in various ways and mocking in a rather heavy way his appearance and his muscles, presumably doped, including the one between his legs...
    31,02€ 17.70

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    Changing Role From Sexy Maid To Employer
    While her employer pretends to work on the computer, the maid in particularly sexy uniform is dusting the desk, well showing her legs and little ass... Not soon as she climbs the ladder, the employer begins to stretch his head but mostly his eyes to contemplate better, from different positions the beautiful "landscape"... Noticing the looks more and more insistent, the angry maid reacts not only verbally... in no doubtful terms! Pulled to the ground, the employer is forced to suffer the wrath of the maid who, with an air of authority, imposes herself... completely reversing the roles! Follows a series of degrading practices, and despite the employer tries to resist, the despotism of the maid finds a way to triumph...
    36,15€ 18.80

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    Desperate For His Bizarre Disorder Patient In The Sexology Study
    Comes to the study of sexology a new patient with a most singular sexual disorder: a frantic and uncontrolled masturbatory activity at the sight of a precise fetish! The sexologist is astonished by this hopeless case, which goes beyond the traditional case ever studied and even described by the manuals in the field, ready to intervene with targeted therapy after having carefully examined the symptoms that the patient presents! But the case is so serious and complex that even the guards have to intervene...
    32,15€ 17.75

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    Strange Masturbation Between Foot And Shoe
    After having pierced the slave's penis with her sandals' heels, Lady Evil enjoys crushing him with all of her weight , till seeing it disappear completely under her sole... In the end, the Mistress decides to revive him, practicing a strange masturbation... slightly raising the foot from the sandal, so to leave space for the penis! Thus began a slow and gradual masturbation, with the foot that dictates the rhythm ...
    13,15€ 8.90

    Enter your access ticket
    Tongue And Penis Nailed By Shoes And Heels
    SaraDomina enjoys repeatedly crushing under her shoe soles the slave’s big tongue and then plucking it in different ways, for finally piercing it with her high heels! But the harassment did not end here: the slave is forced to bear invasive treatment always with his tongue on her feet! In the end, a moment of "glory" comes for the penis: first is deluded with a sensual masturbation between foot and sandal, then crushed under the sole and finally suffers a true squeezing, with the abundant semen to be cleaned with the tongue, especially from her divine feet!
    24,24€ 13.95

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    Fragrant Surprises Under Lady Evil’s Ass
    The Young Mistress, after having had fun chewing the food and spitting it into the slave’s mouth, transformed for the occasion in ordinary trashcan, decides to use his head as a pillow, sitting comfortably on his face. And while his face disappears under the buttocks of the beautiful Mistress, from her asshole goes out a blast of flatulence, not only fragrant, but also particularly noisy! Stuck under herinned under hisut also particuy ass, the slave is forced to endure all... wickedness of all kinds, including licking the dirty toilet paper, after Lady Evil has well cleaned her ass and then swallow it! But the ultimate prize is yet to come soon...
    21,46€ 12.90

    Enter your access ticket
    Endurance Test: Orgasm Control
    After the previous very disappointing tests concerning the orgasm control, SaraDomina imposes to the slave hard trainings so to improve his self-control! The hour of another test to come is near ... but before proceeding with the various manipulations, both slows and frenetic, the Mistress decides to pierce his penis with her sharp nails so to precipitate the excitement! Such treatment initially has the desired effect, but not as soon as SaraDomina attacks him, masturbating him, in less than 1 minute he's completely resurrected! Despite his considerable efforts to control himself, the slave's hard to resist ... the sperm is carefully collected in a glass by the Mistress for the inevitable punishment!
    30,09€ 16.80

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    Invasive Boots, Smelly Feet, Champagne a go-go
    Lady Evil rages on the slave choking him between her boots and then smashing him to the ground in various ways! Odouring her beautiful sweaty feet, the Mistress decides to pull out her leather boots to make him sniff them, poking the slave’s nose between the toes for deep, long inhalations. The slave's trying to resist to such an odor, so it is required the hard way and he is also forced to stretch his tongue between her toes. After a nice foot bath, to clean the feet not only smell but also very dirty, the Mistress decides to flood the slave with champagne ... which follows immediately after a hearty ejaculation!
    50,12€ 23.65

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    Oppressive And Humiliating Conditions Of The Authoritarian Directress
    For her staff selection, the neo-corporate Directress, wearing a business suit, black lined stockings and stiletto high heels receives in her new office a new candidate, extremely motivated and willing to do anything to get the field position! These issues don't pass unnoticed and then, after the formality of the job interview, the Directress sets her unquestionable conditions, restrictive and harassed in order to grant him the job, and have him always at her personal will. Every minimum misconduct, inattention, negligence at work will be punished in an exemplary manner by the same Directress, according to her particular sadistic tendencies! There will not be accepted delays, conduction not prone to total obedience, devotion and reverence. The employee must also respect the chastity during working days and the total control of any sexual pulse. In determining whether the prospective employee's ability to effectively comply with these conditions and the acceptance of the particular punishment, the Directress decided to immediately put him to test, thereby demonstrating the repertoire of punishments he might encounter, from the lightest fetish ones, to the most heavy and degrading treatment. Having passed all the tests, despite some difficulties, before taking the final decision the Directress tries with her own hands the ability of his self-control, leading him quickly to a high level of excitement ... spurring more and more, but forbidding him strictly the orgasm!
    49,11€ 22.95

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    Human Carpet Revived By The Heels Under The Desk
    Lady Evil wears punitive boots to better raging on the slave’s body transformed for the occasion in human carpet under her desk. While her heels continue sinking deeper into the flesh, the soles rest on his face, crushing repeating! The subject is then forced to sniff her socks for good, then the inside of ther boots, but especially between the toes of her feet, while she gets completely over, and enjoys torturing his face and his penis! The sudden and unexpected orgasm is severely punished by Lady Evil with the sperm’s degradation ....
    44,02€ 19.80

    Enter your access ticket
    Tormented Penis On The Bed Of Torture
    After the slave has been completely tied up to the bed at her disposal... Sara Domina can begin her having fun by practicing some tickling all over his body, using feathers! The contortions of the slave stimulate the Mistress, who starts torturing his penis with different exercises, alternating them with fetishistic situations: from dangling to rubbing her feet of his face, to than he can odour them well! In a perpetuum crescendo, Sara Domina passes on to sudden and severe electroshocks on the slave's penis, more and moredifficulty... almost on the verge of fainting! At this point the nails of the Mistress enter the scene so to revive the penis, thanks to a particular masturbation, with a surprising end...
    32,21€ 15.95

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    Degrading Humiliation Of The Slave's Penis
    After having releaved herself in the bathroom, Lady Evil starts mocking her slave's virility, in various ways.... The Mistress shows all of her disgust and disdain for the penis...passing from heavy humiliation to particular painful tortures! In the end the slave is masturbated in a hard firm manner, but in order not to dirty and infect her hands, the Mistress wraps up the penis in a banana skin, after having used the fruit as she wished on him...
    47,02€ 21.95

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    Based On Champagne Anaesthesia Before The Operation
    Sara Domina slips off her panties well rubbing them on the slave's face, before filling a glass with hot champagne, making it overflow on his face! The salve is then forced to drink the beneficial potion, enriched with spits, so to put to sleep all of his sexual impulses! In the end the Mistress decides to stand up drastically, flattening his penis under the soles of her shoes after having it pierced with her heels... The final masturbation is the best way to check out the results!
    21,09€ 13.85

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    Submissive Instructor, Completely In The Grip Of Mistress Eugenia
    No half measures... and without wasting any time, Eugenia goes in action with her impertinent instructor, making him understand helped by her whip her dominant nature! Then she challenges him to a free-style fighting, no holds barred,showing this way some special grips which force him to lie under her extremities, trapped between her legs and suffocated by her majestic ass! After having humiliated him, by making him crawl like a worm, before crushing him on the floor, Mistress Eugenia has her sweaty feet all cleaned up by the slave's tongue,getting more and more excited masturbating in front of him...
    35,13€ 17.95

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    Tongue, Nose And Mouth Stuck On The Mistress's Asshole
    After having taken the dog-slave for a walk on the lead, first pulling him by his cock and then by his neck, face always stuck on her ass, Sara Domina decides to "reward" him with smelly flatulences made directly into his wide open mouth! After each flatulence, to make him feel it better, the Mistress forces him to put the nose into her ass, making long inhalations... this way inebriating with the strong perfume! Finally the slave is constricted to put out the tongue as much as possible, keeping it completely still... this way SaraDomina is having fun slowly moving her ass, getting her asshole cleaned by the soft tongue...
    23,06€ 14.80

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    Tortures And Adoration Up And Down For The Stairs
    Mistress Evil is having fun going up and down for the stairs... crushing at every step the slave's hands with all of her weight! Every once in a while she has her leather boots well licked, especially the soles and metallic stiletto heels. She then decides to put on some particular fetish shoes to torture with the heels his nipples, till almost making him faint for the pain! In the end, to bring him to life, Evil decides to tease his penis crushing it between her boots and then doing a footjob till making him explode with pleasure!
    42,02€ 19.95

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    Forced Invasive Masturbation With Heels, Nails, Wax And Toothbrush In The Urethra
    Sara Domina wants to have fun torturing the slave with one of the things she likes most: long painful masturbation... After having him well immobilized, she begins to explore his urethra with her sharp nails, to then dilate the orifice with hot wax, till digging with the heels of her shoes... this way balancing the excruciating pain with the pleasure of a slow constant masturbation! Despite the strong excitation, the painful experiments block the slave, so the Mistress decides to practice a double stimulation masturbation, external and internal...
    30,37€ 16.70

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    Instructor Knocked Out At Round Number 5 Under Eugenia's Forbidden Kicks
    Eugenia decides to change gym so to continue her specific tone muscle program exercise. To receive her it's a young inexperienced instructor, quite disrespectful. Eugenia decides to line him up: in front of his incompetence, all she can do is educate him by herself, with the proper methods... having fun hurting him not only verbally! In fact the Mistress forces the instructor to make a serie of exercises, alternating cruel tortures, to make them even more difficult! After having him well weaken, she starts a real free fight, with no kicks excluded... Kicks and fists, with the instructor ending repeatedly on the ground, crushed under the feet of the Mistress, till giving up, completely lifeless!
    30,43€ 16.75

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    Exemplary Lesson: The Slave Punished In The Car
    Sara Domina, disappointed with the slave's behaviour, decides to punish him in an exemplary manner... directly in the car, without waiting to be within the walls of her house! With the risk of being seen by those who pass by, the Mistress forces the slave to kneel, put both his hands on the pedals so to be repeatedly crushed under the soles of her shoes. Follows a series of spankings so to redden the slave's ass, who is leaning on her legs... either with hands or with paddle, so to then pass her sharp nails on the parts of the body mostly wounded! In the end, the Mistress decides to humiliate him by making him clean up the dirty soles of her shoes with his tongue, in a very unique position: she sits in the car comfortably, legs crossed, her feet out the window and the slave on his knees on the road... But the fun of Sara Domina doesn't end here: she has her shoes slip off, then to make the slave take a long sniff of her hot, sweaty, wrapped in socks feet, with both legs constantly in action on his nose and in his mouth...
    18,07€ 10.95

    Enter your access ticket
    Slave Torturated Under Her Boots
    Mistress Evil, leather dressed from head to toe, is on the balcony smoking a cigarette while the slave cleans up her boots with the tongue, included sole and heels. Every once in a while, the Mistress, to have even more fun, decides to tease him letting go drops of saliva on her boots, making some fetish smoking and not only... Then it starts a serie of tortures having as target the slave's tongue and penis: both crushed under the soles of her boots and then strung by her heels, till almost entering his urethra! The result is a masturbation between her boots, with abundant ejaculation on it...
    41,04€ 18.85

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    Capricies At The Feet Of Two Vicious Mistresses
    Mistress Linda with one of her mistress friend are having fun to be served by the butler, for this occasion tranformed into a factotum... Always ready to humiliate him, even in a tough way, the slave is forced to satisfy any their caprice, which their sadic perverted minds can produce...., otherwise he will be exemplary punished!
    44,52€ 19.95

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    Unexpected Car Flatulence And Driving Orgasm
    Sara Domina is around for commissions with her faithfull driver, when she is seized by a suddenly intestinal illness and its consequences, primarily the urgency of farting. She has immediately the car stopped, so to get out and free herself directly in the driver's face... After a good serie of farts, some of them very smelly, the driver shows all his disgust... But the Mistress doesn't stop here... and eventually she decides to get her ass cleaned by his tongue! Just back into the car, Sara Domina decides to tease the driver engaged to drive, practicing a gradual and increasingly intense masturbation having fun seeing his reactions especially during the final orgasm...
    15,30€ 9.90

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    Mistress Roberta's Champagne
    Mistress Roberta is having fun humiliating the perverted slave, flooding him with her precious champagne and forcing him to clean up the floor with his tongue, not to waste a single drop! He is constantly verbally insulted and stimulated with a serie of kicks and lashes, till the point of crying, for the Mistress's satisfaction!
    23,30€ 12.95

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    Sexual Torture Before The Quite Degrading Final Milking
    Sara Domina punishes her factotum for the awful dinner, first inserting a mega-cucumber in his ass and then enjoying slicing and teasing the penis with fork and knife. During the kitchen cleaning service, the Mistress stimulates him with various methods, including lashing him out with her boots, showing no mercy for his intimate parts... While washing up the plates, he's forced to endure a real milking, arriving in the end to flood the floor he'll have to make sparkle clean, thanks to a hard long tongue work...
    15,02€ 8.95

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    Nose Between The Toes Of The Divine Stinky Feet
    The slave is very happy to be forced to clean Lady Evil's leather boots, even with his tongue under the sole, unaware of what shortly will come .... While he's trying with the utmost zeal to make them shine,the Young Mistress enjoys crushing him on the floor like a worm, piercing with her sharp heels ... Off the boots, the divine feet, beautifully sweaty and steaming, are passed under the slave's nose, literally disgusted by such an intense and nauseating smell ... At this point Lady Evil takes off the stocking to enhance even further "the perfumed fragrance", forcing the slave to long inhalations with wide open nostrils between a toe and another ... Close to the asphyxiation, the slave is revived with an infallible system ... a sensual footjob up to the final orgasm!
    49,47€ 23.65

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    The Mistress's Dinner With Her Factotum Under The Table
    Sara Domina, all dressed up in evening dress, makes her appearence for dinner, prepared by the slave-butler with the maximum attention. While she's tasting the various dishes, she pretends an under the table tongue service... Not completely sodisfied, the Mistress starts enjoying herself chewing the food, making a mash of it, spitting then in the bowl when the slave will be forced to eat like a dog, with whip strokes! Seeing he has particular problems swallowing, Sara Domina decides to dilute the mash with her divine "champagne"... She, on the other hand, cannot "digest" the presence in his bowl of a mega-cucumber, which she thinks fits much better in the slave's ass, to explore his bowels...
    27,25€ 14.85

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    Toilet Training With Very Particular Intimate Services
    Lady Evil constricts the slave to clean up the water closet, before doing her physiological needs! Then she enjoys herself preparing the slave's tongue in a very particular way... so to be ready to make a clean sweep of her asshole and pussy... To get the best of the service, the Mistress incites him by soffocating him between her legs, conceding him this forced way, the adoration of her divine feet. In the end the slave is accomodated in the cold water bath-tub in order to be squashed and tortured in his intimate parts with the feet, till he reaches orgasm. At this point, Lady Evil cannot deny herself the pleasure of seeing his head completely underwater, while he's drinking...
    39,52€ 19.75

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    Tickle with candle in the mouth and then off in the ass
    The immobilized slave on the bank with opened legs is obliged to clean the heels and tip of Mistress' shoes, after they penetrated slave's ass... Sara Domina continues enjoying, putting a candle in his mouth and starting tickle on his body, with her nails... with the aim to fall down the wax on his face! The feet are tortured... the genitals suffer the hot wax! The slave is suffering, and the Mistress decides to turn off the candle, but directly in his ass...
    21,23€ 12.95

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    Footjob With Six Feet To Clean Up...
    The experienced Mistress, along with two of her beautiful young friends, with still "virgin" little feet... decide to well crumple the slave on duty, using exclusively their extremities! The two novices start slowly to like it, amusing themselves whether to get their feet licked, whether to do a footjob, sometimes using all six feet... Such treatment Is greatly appreciated by the slave, as testified by his final orgasm... with pleasure explosion directly on the most beautiful feet, he obviously has to clean up after!
    27,47€ 14.90

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    Emasculation attempt with satisfying results
    Sara Domina starts tormenting the slave's cock with firm, repeated boots strokes, raging especially with the point and her high stiletto heels ... enjoying seeing it getting smaller and smaller! Finally, to check the result, the Mistress decides to marturbate him, first with the boots and then with her sharp nails... The cock seems to react well, but just apparently... seeing the final result!
    27,15€ 14.75

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    Mummified slave, tortured with the heels and suffocated with feet
    After the mummification, the slave is tortured by Lady Evil with the help of her heels, on his face, trying to suffocate him. She uses her wonderful feet, very smelling, and they don’t give a pause to the slave: his face is touched by the feet, his tongue and the nose are wringed... the Mistress tries to suffocate him in many ways, with his terrible feet, always in action... In the end, they are covered by the hot sperm and the will go in the slave’s mouth, to be cleaned by his tongue...
    41,11€ 18.95

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    Fetish smoking with humiliating final orgasm
    Sara Domina smokes a cigarette in front of the slave’s face, with sadism sexuality... enjoying when he coughs repeatedly, torturing his parts with the hot dust and at the end using his mouth to light off the cigarette, on his tongue! The Mistress gives a natural glass of champagne and the slave cleans his mouth, and at the end the sperm joins the urine, after she milked him until the last drop...
    15,21€ 9.60

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    Exquisite breakfast with the Doctress's physiological humors
    The patient has been found asleep with his head on the toilet seat, at breakfast time, by the Doctress, with great astonishment! To awake him completely, she decided to serve him breakfast herself, enriching it with her intimate humors... making the tasty breakfast even more exquisite! Even thou the patient greatly appreciates the food, a part of his body shows no signs of awakening... It urgently requires a very particular inner treatment, with the Doctress's feet and not only...
    39,02€ 17.70

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    Smelling surprises from the Mistress’ ass
    Sara Domina wants to enjoy with the slave, playing in different ways with the ass, so desiderated..... after hitting on the face and with sexual hits on the ass, the Mistress wants the slave opens the mouth and puts near her hole, to smell the odour of the farts, very noisy... the slave tries to hide the disgust but Mistress wants to humiliate him and he licks her ass and then she puts the finger in his mouth! In the end Mistress finds out the excitement of the slave while he smells the odour, she touches him with the nails on the penis and balls...
    18,44€ 11.95

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    Dirty hits and sadistic manipulations of Lady Evil
    After she relieves herself, she uses the slave like a human carpet and not only..... Lady Evil starts putting her wonderful ass on his face, she tries to suffocate him, while she touches his nipples and his penis in different ways, both with instruments and with her hands... she attaches some weights to the testicles, the penis suffers a long series of dirty hits, without piety! At the end the slave is on four legs like an animal, he is milked like a cow by the Mistress; while she inserts her heels in his ass... the result is an abundant leak of white cream!
    44,44€ 19.50

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    Perverse use of the slave’s tongue
    While Sara Domina sits on the WC, the slave keeps ready his tongue..... to help her at the end! The Mistress, after cleaning her ass with toilet paper, enjoys rubbing the toilet paper on his face and tongue, offering her dirty ass for the final cleaning! Obviously, his head is in the WC, and it becomes a brush..... But the degradations don’t finish: Sara Domina puts her nectar in a bowl and begins a slow masturbation of the slave, with her long leather gloves, finishing with a real milking..... Abundant! In the bowl there will be the slave’s head, obliged to drink like a dog..... both the precious liquids!
    12,58€ 8.80

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    Dog-slave masturbates between the Mistress’ boots
    After she tortured the slave’s immobilized body with the nails and her heels, Lady Evil starts to tickle on the feet, it’s very boring and painful, enjoying to see him... her wonderful boots has always an important role: the slave cleans perfectly the boots with his tongue, including the sole, the Mistress decides to begin a slow and humiliating masturbation, in different ways and positions... she spits in his mouth and with the boot, the Mistress obliges him to the orgasm on the boots, and then, he cleans the boots until the last drop...
    38,04€ 18.55

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    Special Hospital for patients with sexual problems
    The Director of a famous hospital has a new patient, young and interesting because of his dependency... He is immobilized with a strait-jacket, it begins an intensive course, practiced by the director, using right and bad ways..... After a light improving, the patient, suddenly, goes in a critic state, he is in dangerous... after many attempts to save his life, with classical methods, the director tries a last attempt: so the interpretation of his sexual problems... The result is exciting!
    56,10€ 24.95

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    Wet underwear and drops of champagne on the tongue
    While she is in bath, Mistress has particular perverse stimulation... After the underwear is full of champagne, Sara Domina enjoys putting them on the face of the slave, and then inserts them in the mouth! The slave has the necessity to relieve himself, but the Mistress finds a way to humiliate him... At the end the Mistress wants the slave must show his tongue and stops it, enjoying hitting the tongue with drops and then filling with champagne and spits...
    19,16€ 12.95

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    Sadism and sexual capricious of Lady Evil
    Lady Evil, completely leather dressed from the head to the feet, while she smokes a cigarette and drinks a coffee, wants that her slave uses his tongue for her sexual satisfaction... With the head between her legs, the slave is available... but the result is not good! The Mistress is angry, and she hits him while he cleans her boots, and then she rides on him.... at the end he suffocates him and kicks him with her boots! His genitals are tortured, without piety, with kitchen instruments: knives, points..... up to the final orgasm!
    37,28€ 18.80

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    Sadist masturbation with orgasm control
    Sara Domina enjoys masturbating the slave, playing to pierce the penis on the steel tips... the slave is very excited, and the Mistress wants the maximum control and the absolute prohibition to reach the orgasm, without her decision... to make the situation more stimulant, Sara Domina puts in his mouth a candle, while she continues to touch him, changing continuously her hold and intensity... touching the excitation! The slave is ready to reach the orgasm, but he waits for the decision of the Mistress that doesn’t arrive, with all the consequences of the case...
    13,34€ 8.95

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    The confessions of the slave under torture
    The Mistress decides to oblige the slave to confess his libidinous acts. Sara Domina wants to convince him, hanging on with the head down, checking his parts that suffer all the hits! The slave wants to resist, the Mistress starts a series of tortures, the preferred target is the penis and using different instruments..... the last torture is very dangerous for the slave, obtaining the desired effect!
    31,12€ 16.80

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    Dog training with outside walk
    Mistress Roberta starts a real training of her dog-slave to transform him in a real pet... always at her disposal, calm and obedient ready for every order! Even when Mistress decides to go out for a walk with the leash...
    17,24€ 10.95

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